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There's a design to what I did and said

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I hi-fived Remus and sat on th edge of the bed- popping my gum. The hufflepuff- Daisy I think it is- bounced around behind me.

"Can I get you a drink s...Sirius"

I raised an eyebrow, I find my new admirer strangly intimerdating.

"Umm, no thanks Babe" Damn, damn, damn. I have to stop calling girls that. Another of my bad habits- Pet names, Babe, Love, Honey. *Shudder* Its almost as bad as my popping gum hobby.

Daisy (I think) started muttering and went very red.

I popped my gum again(DAMN ME) and again (ARGGGHHH)

"So how's it going Remus?"

"I'm actually quite tired" He looked peaky and on edge.

"Game of cards?"

"Guys, Seriously- I don't feel well"
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