There's a design to what I did and said (word_waterfall) wrote in in_the_pensive,
There's a design to what I did and said

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I frowned at Remus, He did look ill. I hate being left alone when I'm ill- So I thought...

I put my hand on his shoulder, "Are you sure?"

He lay down and turned on to his side- away from us.

I made a cutting motion with my hand to Sirius, Who was popping gum rather anxiously in the corner. I 'shushed' Daisy.

"We'll come see you tomorrow, Remus"

He didn't even nod, I frowned and swollowed the worring lump in my throat. Now I felt ill.

It felt like I was being rejected- again. I gasped as a flood of memory's ran across me- I ran from the room.
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