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Alice had stayed behind with Frankie after making such a fuss about coming to get me. I didn't mind. I needed time to grieve. Had Alice seen what I had seen? Daisy and Sirius? Behind the curtain? I was so confused.
I bumped into Ludo and Peter Pettigrew as I made my way past the Great Hall.
"Oh so they let you out?" Ludo observed.
"I heard about your stomach pyrotechnics, Gilderoy," Peter smiled.
"Shut up Pettigrew," I hissed, and walked towards the Hufflepuff common room entrance.
I muttered the password, and entered without anyone else talking to me.
"Gildy! You're out finally!"
My stomach churned.
"How are you? You're not still ill are you? If you are you go straight back and tell her alright? Oh Gildy I've been so worried!"
She hugged me again. I pushed her back gently.
"Are you seeing him then?" I asked firmly.
"Sirius! You seemed to be pretty cosy earlier," I said, walking towards the stairs to the boys bedrooms.
"Gilderoy..." she began, her voice wobbling slightly. I turned.
"I know about you two, I'm not blind! I saw you in the Hospital Wing! I saw you behind the curtains!" I shouted.
"Sirius was asking me to tell Lily to ask James out!" she blurted out, before clamping her hand over her mouth. "Shit!" she hissed to herself.
"Sirius wants Lily to ask James out because he doesn't shut up about her, ok? Me and Sirius are trying to set them up," she said, her eyes sparkling with tears.
"Oh. But you seemed embarrassed when you came from behind the curtains," I said. I knew I'd caught her out now.
"Yeah, because Lily came in while we were talking about her and she was asking why we were talking about her. We denied it of course, but I'm such a bad liar, just like you."
"Oh thanks."
"Gilderoy, I'm serious. I'm not with Sirius. He doesn't even like me. I can tell. I'm not stupid. I like him, but I can't help that. And I know you like me too..."
"Don't be stupid..." I said, my voice trailing off pathetically.
"I'm not stupid Gilderoy. Everyone tells me that you're madly in love with me. I might be wrong, but dozens of people can't be as well. Especially Alice."
All-knowing Alice. I knew I shouldn't have told her anything personal about myself. Her and Lily.
Daisy sighed and walked over to the stairs. Outside the weather was nice; sun shining and a gentle breeze. Everyone from Hufflepuff was outside, or in their dorms. Daisy's hand slipped itself into mine, and before I knew it, she was kissing me. And I wasn't trying to stop it.
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