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Even though I was walking on air over the fact Daisy kissed me, I couldn't help feeling really pissed off when I saw her drooling all over Sirius Black. She was fetching him things and he wasn't even ill! Oh how she was humiliating herself. She came and sat on my bed as we listened to Sirius and James talk in Remus' direction. He wasn't taking it in really. Just sitting on his bed looking pale and hairy.
"...yeah and that Snivellus Snape is a right idiot in Potions..."
"...oh man I know! He acts as if he can't be bothered to do it and can't do it but he's just drawing attention to himself! Hey James, do an impression of him for Remus!"
James got up and stared flapping his hands about and stuck out his teeth. Sirius was practically wetting himself and Daisy was laughing along with him, even slapping her leg when he did.
I felt embarrassed for Remus who was just sitting there, staring at him.
"Nah man, it's more like THIS!" Sirius said, standing up and doing exactly what James had done, only stupider, if it was possible. Daisy was laughing really falsley and loudly at him, and James was in stitches. Remus managed a little laugh.
"Gildy, isn't Sirius soooo funny?" Daisy asked me through her giggling. I smiled.
"I'm sure he is. I'll let you know," I said, standing up. I decided to take a walk down the Hospital Wing.
"Gildy?" Daisy asked as I walked away.
"Just streching the cramp in my legs," I called as I slowly walked away.
I heard James and Sirius talking to Remus, but then they left. James seemed to run out of the room. I looked back. Sirius drew the curtain around Remus' bed, leaving him and Daisy alone. I pretended to look out of the window from the other end of the Infirmary but couldn't help feeling a stab of heartache as Sirius talked to Daisy.
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